Chart Your Path
Personalized, competency-based learning

Meeting the needs of each student through personalized, competency-based learning (PCBL) is more important than ever. Blended learning can help us achieve this vision.

These free tools and resources are intended to support school and district leaders in implementing PCBL environments through blended learning. They may be the catalyst for an initial conversation or serve as a continuous improvement resource for those well down the path of the work.

Explore definitions, reflect with your team, engage in a readiness assessment, and utilize curated resources to develop a blueprint for implementation and continuous improvement.

Drivers For Change in Education

There are many aspects of our education system that have limited us from meeting the needs of all students. The pandemic highlighted these aspects and also elevated the opportunity that blended learning presents to close the gap.

Assess Your Options

There is no one-size-fits-all path to PCBL. Dell Technologies and SETDA have partnered with SETDA members to develop a tool to help you chart your district's path by exploring four key areas.

Consider instructional delivery models, including these three main types.

Blended Learning benefits all stakeholders in a student's education journey